Thursday, 29 November 2018

Swanning about . . .

I had a rethink about creating a herd of elephants...... OK my family think ones enough!!

But I do think our house has room for a slim animal/bird. . . . . 

Well I just so happen to have some white fabric and a little bit of orange.
So the sketching begins, first I draw out the shape/pattern, then using my basic printer/scanner/copier, I increase the size of the pattern until I'm happy with the size. Then finally add a seam allowance.

On Saturday I put my semi finished swan to one side so I could visit the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show. I didn't buy much but I did get some super sparkly fabric.

What could I make with sparkly fabric? Well a crown for a swan, what else!!!

It was easy to cut but tricky to sew, especially difficult to attach to the swans head!! 

But she/hes all done now, what do you think?

I'm really happy with it but I do wonder what it would be like in crushed velvet . . . 

Whilst making a swan it did cross my mind that a swan and a flamingo are quite similar.
Ooh, if only I had some pink fabric

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