Thursday, 13 December 2018

December, the good, the bad and the good

The month of December is full of lists (for me anyway)
Lists of - gifts, christmas cards, extra household jobs, extra food shopping, the list of lists goes on and on.

So what did I do? yes, start some Christmas crafts!!

My Daughter joined in for some 'Air Dry Clay' fun.

But it did take a while to dry, which gave me time to look for more crafts . . . . .

So my clay made a little Christmas tree.

Next was a 'Cheap wool and tea light' craft.

I do like my woolly baubles hung on the kitchen door (and they don't scratch the door when it shuts)

Then finally (for this week) I pulled out the felt for some pretty fairy lights.

They look nice and cheery in our kitchen, no plug required and no holes in my wall.

My sons had some health issues over the last year and a half, which is all a bit overwhelming at times. So when lots of people where Christmas shopping we had another appointment at Alderhey Children's Hospital. The decorations where beautiful, they had a wonderful Christmas Choir and all the staff are helpful (always smiling and positive). But the biggest thing you realise is how very lucky we are. Some of the children listening to the singing are really poorly and lots more are too sick to leave the ward. You really do need to count your blessings.

On an altogether more positive note, we've had a birthday this week!!

'Do you like my hat? Mum made me wear it!'

Our little Penny was two this week. She's agreed to wear the bandana but wont be wearing the hat again!

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