Saturday, 12 December 2015

I want a cape. . . . .

The sewing machine has been dusted off for a quick project.
I really wanted to make a Little Red Riding Hood cape, but I needed a Anna from Frozen cape.
(yes she does have a cape!!)

With a quick trip to the fabric shop, work began this morning after the breakfast dishes had been put in the sink!!

Unfortunately I didn't have a small girl to model the cape so I used a smallish boy!!!

Whilst the cape was in production, my daughter NEEDED the sewing machine. She bought some fabric for a circle skirt a few weeks ago and needed to make the skirt today!!!

She used the kitchen floor for her work space!! She is happily wearing her skirt and yes those leggings are really wrinkly at the knee!!!

Back to the cape . . . . . . Here it is with the Anna outfit I bought!!


  1. Great cape, my Grandaughter would love it...

    1. Thanks. It was pretty easy to make, although I haven't used slippy fabric like that for a while!! Sarah

  2. That skirt looks really amazing. I'd like to sew such one for myself, too. It's a pity I have no sewing machine.