Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Birthday Number 2. . . .

The second birthday of the month was on a minecraft theme. So whilst watching the Tour de France I made some minecraft bags!!

 This is when you're relieved its only a small party.

All the party food was minecraft related, we had 
Redstone - strawberries
Golden apples - apples
Gold - popcorn
Carrots - carrots
etc. . . 

It all went down well, with no left overs.

The cake was pretty simple, just earth with grass or chocolate with green butter cream.

Icing cakes in the blistering heat is not a good idea. They look pretty 'rustic' but they tasted great.

A couple of hours later the guests had all gone and the presents all unwrapped. . . . 

A chilled glass of wine with a bit of cake, bliss.

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