Sunday, 13 July 2014

Breathe . . . . .

This past week has been very hectic. At the end of the school year the juggling starts. Trying to organise time off in the holidays, childcare cover, family camping plans, birthday month, etc. 

We've had three school plays this week and the coming week makes me panic. I have a end of year assembly and awards ceremony, working two jobs, sports day, backup sports day, library volunteer meeting, optician appointment, nephews school play, party baking, present buying, etc
The list goes on & on . . . 

I know I'm not the only one, every one has to juggle some times its just I feel like I've got one ball too many.

So for now I'm going to 'BREATHE', try and calm my thoughts and have a cup of tea.

I think the saying is 'See you on the other side (of this week)'


  1. I remember those days well and smile. One day you will be doing the same, so enjoy those precious moments its hard but you'll get there.

  2. I too remember those day, doesn't get much easer as they grow just bigger problems :)
    Your plants and garden look lovely, the holidays will soon be here..
    Amanda xx