Friday, 18 April 2014

Frog spawn, bug hotels, spider webs, rabbits...... Happy Easter!

A few weeks ago we visited some friends and came home with some extras!!
We had gone prepared with our bucket and luckily there where no spillages on the way home.

The frog spawn was checked daily.

And over the Easter break it hatched !!

Also out in the garden this week we have been making a bug hotel (also something we saw on our visit to our friends - thank you!!)

We manage to get hold of an old pallet and then just had to saw it up!!
Easier said than done - wet wood + old saw = very long job.

Most of the gaps have something in ready for some bugs.

Next to our Bug Hotel, I updated the 'canes and string' used for my sweet peas, with a spiders web. We just need a fake spider now to sit on it (no real ones, I cant stand them!!)

And lastly Happy Easter to everyone. 
Our very own Easter bunnies, Agnes and Margo got there first taste (this year) of fresh grass.

 There was definitely a spring in there step as they chased each other round, that's why my daughter is standing on some bricks (like you do) out of the way of there sharp nails!! (I did say 'put some shoes on') 


  1. Wow love the Bug Hotel, I have a pile of rotting wood at the bottom of the garden for Bugs, but have been in the garden clearing out, think I might have to be making me one of these. Bought flowers for attracting Bees to day. Have been looking for Frogs as well this week,no luck.. Have not seen Frog Spawn for years...

    1. We could do with some more bug friendly plant. I have put some seeds in this weekend so hopefully they may attract bugs and bees (if they grow!!) sarah

  2. That all looks like so much fun, especially the bug hotel. Sadly I am a huge wuss and just couldn't cope knowing that so many bugs were in it! Gorgeous bunnies :)

    1. Hopefully if the bugs use the 'hotel' I can avoid being near the hotel!! I'm not overly keen on bugs. Sarah

  3. Great stuff, impressed with your spiders web!

    1. Thanks Charlotte, just waiting for the kids to make a spider!! Sarah