Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bolton Abbey'

Today we had a day out at Bolton Abbey.

Last time we visited my little boy was in a pram!!
This time he was often well in front, running in his wellie boots.

The priory is beautiful, even on a dull day and the stone work is amazing.

Do you like a nice door? 

One of the popular things to do at Bolton Abbey is to walk across the river on the stepping stones.
The photo below shows the stepping stones and was taken from the website

I suggested we all walk across for a bit of fun, never again!!
My little boys legs are not really long enough, we didn't fall in, but came soooo close.
The water in the photo looks calm, it was a lot faster flowing today and surprisingly deep in the middle.
We may try again, but only when the country suffers from a prolonged drought!!

We did a circular walk, so avoided the stepping stones on the way back.

Look at that, you would almost think they where chatting!
I told him 'If the duck follows us all the way back to the car, you can keep it as a pet', it didn't thankfully. 

To steady my 'stepping stone' nerves we called in at the fabric shop on the way home.
I felt sooo much better.


  1. Very brave of you to tackle the stepping stones with a little one esp. as it is a bit chilly yet for a dip. Hope you got some lovely fabric.

    1. It only crossed my mind, half way across, that it would be freezing if we fell in!!! Just think of the journey home sat in wet clothes! Sarah

  2. Looks like you had a good time, weather was not to good yesterday, it's a great place to visit. I have been a few times as it is not far from me.

    1. It is a lovely place to visit and we are already talking about going again in the summer. Have you tried the stepping stones?? Sarah

  3. I don't think I've ever been to Bolton Abbey but no doubt will get there one day. Not until Joe's legs are longer though, as I suspect he'll want to try out those stepping stones!
    Well done on the fabric shop stop. Sounds like a good idea to me :)
    Sarah x

    1. I would definately recommend Bolton Abbey, but maybe not the stepping stones with short legs!! Luckily they do also have a bridge. Sarah