Tuesday, 11 March 2014

World Museum Liverpool.

On Saturday we made an early start and headed to Liverpool.

Not for the shops (no thanks - not with children trailing behind), we went to the World Museum.

The children moved very quickly through the museum,

often leaving us adults behind !!

As Museums go it was extremely welcoming with lots of things for all ages.

Would I recommend a visit? Most definitely!!

And for my niece, a photo of the giant spider (lets hope its still there and it didn't follow us home)


  1. I love museums and this one looks great. Maybe next time I am up north I should take a visit :)

    1. If you do get a chance to visit Liverpool, check it out first online. They have lots of museums to pick from, too many to get through in one day!! Sarah

  2. I haven't been there for many years, but as we've started visiting Liverpool a lot I think a visit will not be too far away. We used to have day trips with the school, the main thing I remember was a Totem Pole which I thought was the most amazing thing ever!

    1. I really enjoy visiting liverpool, there's always lots to see (and it doesn't need to cost lots) sarah