Monday, 31 March 2014

Mothers Day cake!!

Mothers Day for lots of people is very commercial. 
At our house its always been about home made gifts.

This year its cake, boiled fruit cake!

This was done in between making my Lego cushion.

I completely forgot to take a photo of the cake before decorating began. . . . . 

The pan above is replacing one of those lovely cake decorating turn tables !!!

Red food colour mixed with white sugar paste = blood bath in kitchen as the excess dye squirts out.

Ready, just in time for a trip to my Mother in laws on Friday. Then just keep the kids away from the other cake, which we delivered yesterday.

Hope everyone had a lovely 'day of rest' on Mothers day (I personally think it should be Mothers week!!)


  1. That looks pretty - and I like the improvised turntable as well! There are lots of kitchen gadgets I'd love to own but would need a kitchen the size of a barn!
    Hope you enjoyed the cake :)

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  3. It's sweeeet. I love to give it to my mom on the occasion of mothers day. Mothers Day Rush