Thursday, 6 March 2014

World Book Day.

World Book Day always sneaks up on me, every year I seem to be making an outfit at the last minute.
(Dressing gowned used for a template)

This year I only have one outfit to make / buy. (High school girls don't do World Book Day)

I even had my assistant to help this year, eagerly willing to to try on the outfit  in between snacking at my work table the table.

Black is not a colour I normally sew with !!

The 'sewing' created a bit of a mess. . . . 

But it was all worth it, let me introduce, from Lord of the Rings -
My little Ring Wraith

I'm not sure if they wore school shoes in the film? Maybe not, but they are at least black.

Unfortunately he was ready for school tooooo early, but Ring Wraiths can use a tablet to pass a bit of time.

I hope everyone enjoys World Book Day and I'm looking forward to seeing lots of costume in 'blog land'.


  1. That is so fab. We have a really boring school that does absolutely nothing for world book day :( I bet he scared a few children in this lol xxx

    1. He did wear his hood down a lot, he couldn't see very well!! There was a child in a balaclava, holding a gun (I'm not sure about the book) but he was scary. Sarah