Monday, 24 February 2014

Paper, paper everywhere. . . .

After our wet trip to the beach we finally dried our when my daughter was sick!

Friday was spent indoors. I did start a little project - PAPERWORK. I hate it, its never organised, I can never find things, its all around the house, do I need to carry on?

I got the box files and added a bit of colour. (spots and red, wow sooo predictable)

By Friday night my daughter was feeling a little better. 
So out came the trusty toast!
Then my son was sick, 

Saturday I continued through the piles of paper.

Back to school today and finally I finished my organising!!!

Cup of tea time. . . . . 


  1. Don't it feel good when you get things like this done, sorting bills and paper work is the worst. Still have three bags full under the kitchen table I put there when we sorted the bed room into a sewing room.. To busy sewing..well that's my excuse. Hope your children feel better.

    1. I tend to put paper work away in any old cupboard when we have visitors, then completely forget about it!!! Sarah

  2. So sorry the kids were ill. Hope they are feeling much better. Those files look awesome!

    1. Everyone was feeling better. Then as we left the house this morning for school/work my little boy was sick!!! Back to square one. I'm loving my tidy paperwork just waiting for some post. Sarah