Monday, 25 November 2013

On my lovely table . . .

My table has been well used this week. First we had the Tomte (see previous post!) then later that day I made a quick Birthday card for my sister.

She dreams of owning a Camper van, so for a bit of fun we gave her a camper van card.

 I added some ribbon so it can be hung up when removed from the card.

The next job on my table was to assembly our new shoe rack!

Also this week I tried a new recipe, boiled fruit cake.

The longest project on my lovely table was my first 'wasjig' (and my last wasjig)

It is finished, but it took all week.

And lastly, this weekend we took our annual visit to Harrogate for The Knitting and Stitching Show.
We had a great time, although not all of the original party could make it this year.
I better move it, I want to call in at the library for a Jelly Roll book on my way to work, Oooh and I still have one child to deliver to school. . . . 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Don't over stuff your arms and legs!!!

After visiting the Christmas Markets I had an urge to do some Christmassy sewing. 

I've always admired the 'Tomte' over at Kajsa's blog, Syko and it just so happens I have her book.

The fabric selection was easy and the pattern pieces where traced before the morning school run.
The pattern was easy to follow, although I did make some slight alterations.

As the body/dress fabric was a light colour, I added some lovely red buttons and I also thought he needed some boots to match his hat!!

The assembly went OK, but beware - if you over stuff your arms and legs, they are difficult to squeeze into the body!!

So the finished Tomte, . . . . 

I think he's waiting for the Christmas decorations, ooh when should we put them up?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Not a lazy Sunday!!

On Sunday we headed out to the big city. Its a long time since we visited Manchester but I have always wanted to visit the Christmas Markets.

In the past we travelled by train but this time we went by car. I have got to admit the journey wasn't great. We had road works combined with no idea where we where going!!

The Christmas markets are spread out across the city center. 
(Take a map if you're not too familiar with Manchester, I wish we had!!)

We had a great time looking at all the chocolates and ginger bread house, loads of food and drinks on offer and a real Christmassy feel.

Oooh I feel like doing some Christmas crafts. . . . 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Just the Ticket!!

We had a discussion the other day about putting up a notice board in our sons bedroom. Something to put 'tokens of success' on, to encourage him to try new things.
Funnily enough I had an old notice board tucked away under the stairs. 
(the line you can see across the board is actually a cobweb, complete with a few spiders!!)

I pulled the frame off and gave it a coat of white paint. 
Then had a look for some fabric!

I couldn't find enough star buttons, so I returned to the button collection for some plain white buttons.

I cut some wadding, slightly smaller than the board.

Then started to put together the front, fabric piece of the board.

I could have used a stapler to attach the fabric but I decided to use some fabric and sew the back to the front.

Why do I never tidy up as i go. . . . 

So the finished board . . 

Complete with football tickets from his first ever football match and tickets from the Remembrance Service he took part in. Both events made him really nervous and a bit tearful but he did them anyway, well done I say!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

On my lovely table . . .

On my lovely table this week I made myself a poppy
(I put money in the collection box as well)

It was a bit of a rush, but I prefer it to the paper poppies.

This week (well since September, really) my little boy has been involved in Forget Me Not 2013, which takes place today and tonight.

I shall wear my poppy tonight when I go to watch all there hard work. 
(keep your fingers crossed he remembers his dance moves!!)

Also this week I have attempted to sort out my 'collection' of fabric.

I was unable to throw anything away!

So I repacked it all and tried to shut the lids.
Its probably better not to talk about it . . . . . 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Finished Blanket !!

So it all started when I spotted a blanket on Rabbit House Lane.
I bought some cheap and cheerful wool and away I went.

I struggle with random, so went for repeated stripes. 

I used up most of the wool on my stripes.

With the odds and ends I did one round of crochet around the edge.

Then to finish off I bought a ball of grey wool and did a bobble edge which I found over at Attic24.

The finished blanket is 52" x 45", granted its not very rectangular (due to my inexperience) but its still lovely and warm on a chilly night.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Half term . . . autumn walk.

The weather over half term has been pretty wet and windy. The thought of staying in and keeping dry is OK for a day but we couldn't stay in all week.

With our wellies in the boot of the car we set off to one of my favourite places.

We often visit Brock Valley (or Brock Bottoms as we know it) in bluebell season and during the summer. It can be very busy during the summer but on Wednesday of half term it was pretty quiet.

The children always enjoy running wild at Brock Bottoms, often coming home with wellies full of water and mud!!

There a lovely combination of woodland, river and open fields.

As we turned around to come back along the river the rain started, this didn't seem to bother the children although it did make for very slippy, muddy paths!

Just like a scene from Harry Potter, the children attempted to use the Expelliarmus spell (Disarming spell) on each other. Although no one was disarmed I was just thankful no one got a muddy stick in there eye!!

Back at the car we had wet wellies and muddy socks again, but a good time was had by all.

Half term . . . baking!

We had a baking day (well morning really) over half term.

Before breakfast I made up some gingerbread dough, this needed to chill in the fridge for an hour or so.

Then we started on our beetroot buns!

We got some fresh beetroot from the farm shop when we got our pumpkins. I scrubbed the beetroot, cut it into quarters, then boiled it until cooked.

My little boy peeled the beetroot when they had cooled, then he chopped them up.

I then blitzed them into a lovely looking smoothie!!

We mixed the smoothie with the dry ingredients ready for the cake cases.
 The ginger bread dough was ready for rolling, this was left to my daughter. She produced some Halloween biscuits all with individual facial expressions!!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Half term. . . pumpkins!

October half term means pumpkins!!

This year we headed for a small farm shop near Rufford.

We made our selection. . . 

Then the carving begins..

This year I let the children draw and mark out there own pumpkins.

We used felt tip pens to mark the faces then went over the lines with a drawing pin.

Then I just had to join the dots (with a steak knife!!)

Hope everyone had a scary Halloween !!!