Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Don't over stuff your arms and legs!!!

After visiting the Christmas Markets I had an urge to do some Christmassy sewing. 

I've always admired the 'Tomte' over at Kajsa's blog, Syko and it just so happens I have her book.

The fabric selection was easy and the pattern pieces where traced before the morning school run.
The pattern was easy to follow, although I did make some slight alterations.

As the body/dress fabric was a light colour, I added some lovely red buttons and I also thought he needed some boots to match his hat!!

The assembly went OK, but beware - if you over stuff your arms and legs, they are difficult to squeeze into the body!!

So the finished Tomte, . . . . 

I think he's waiting for the Christmas decorations, ooh when should we put them up?


  1. Love it.....forgot I have that book, will have to dig it out and have a go. Been wanting to do some sewing, every thing gets packed away up stairs, needed a good reason to get it all down... Will have a look to night.
    Thanks Sarah

    1. Hope to see your very own Tomte on your blog soon. Interesting to see what colour you will go for!! Sarah