Sunday, 3 November 2013

Half term . . . autumn walk.

The weather over half term has been pretty wet and windy. The thought of staying in and keeping dry is OK for a day but we couldn't stay in all week.

With our wellies in the boot of the car we set off to one of my favourite places.

We often visit Brock Valley (or Brock Bottoms as we know it) in bluebell season and during the summer. It can be very busy during the summer but on Wednesday of half term it was pretty quiet.

The children always enjoy running wild at Brock Bottoms, often coming home with wellies full of water and mud!!

There a lovely combination of woodland, river and open fields.

As we turned around to come back along the river the rain started, this didn't seem to bother the children although it did make for very slippy, muddy paths!

Just like a scene from Harry Potter, the children attempted to use the Expelliarmus spell (Disarming spell) on each other. Although no one was disarmed I was just thankful no one got a muddy stick in there eye!!

Back at the car we had wet wellies and muddy socks again, but a good time was had by all.


  1. your half term looked good fun, ours was very lazy. we were rained in most of the time! xx

    1. The time just flies, can't wait for the next holiday even if we get rained in!! Sarah

  2. It's great to get out even if it is a bit wet...

  3. My little boy gets wet even in dry weather. As long as I'm wrapped up and dry!! Sarah