Thursday, 14 November 2013

Just the Ticket!!

We had a discussion the other day about putting up a notice board in our sons bedroom. Something to put 'tokens of success' on, to encourage him to try new things.
Funnily enough I had an old notice board tucked away under the stairs. 
(the line you can see across the board is actually a cobweb, complete with a few spiders!!)

I pulled the frame off and gave it a coat of white paint. 
Then had a look for some fabric!

I couldn't find enough star buttons, so I returned to the button collection for some plain white buttons.

I cut some wadding, slightly smaller than the board.

Then started to put together the front, fabric piece of the board.

I could have used a stapler to attach the fabric but I decided to use some fabric and sew the back to the front.

Why do I never tidy up as i go. . . . 

So the finished board . . 

Complete with football tickets from his first ever football match and tickets from the Remembrance Service he took part in. Both events made him really nervous and a bit tearful but he did them anyway, well done I say!!


  1. Well done I say too ,he's a little star x

  2. What a good looks great. And well done to your son..