Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Christmas Tree is up!

Well not just yet, not the real one anyway. But my new wall hanging is up.

I used my fabric from last weeks outing and some from my small stash. The idea was from Lululollylegs. The idea looks very effective and pretty simple to achieve. Maybe it was just down to my ability, but I found it pretty hard.

  • I should have taken more care when making the circles, because when ironed they seamed to have some flat sides.
  • Also, although it was fast using the sewing machine to attach the circles, I did struggle sewing 'round' (maybe I should stick to straight lines !!)
  •  And lastly my main white fabric was only just big enough, so it got pretty stressful when positioning the lower circle because I was close to the edge.
Christmas Wall Hanging
Finished size 460mm x 620mm



  1. I love the colours you've chosen. The tree looks very festive. I find it hard to be very precise with my sewing, when I sew in the round now I tend to go round the circles a few times so they have a sort of sketchy look to them.
    Wendy x

  2. This is adorable. I have some fabric left over from a Christmas quilt I made, so I might just have to make one. Circles are hard to sew, aren't they?

    1. Maybe if I took my time I would make a better job of sewing the circles, but I always seem to be in a rush. I will watch out for your christmas tree!! Sarah