Sunday, 23 December 2012

Don't Panic!!

So Christmas is nearly upon us. Many jobs over the last week have been rushed (not photographed) or completely abandoned!!

I did complete an important task, I bottled my home made wine. This year I used two shop bought kits.

I made a couple of drawstring bags for a friend.
This week I also attended a couple of carol services, a church nativity, tidied the house, purchased panto tickets, bought last minute gifts, tidied the house, wrapped all the presents, posted the scout post, posted my last Christmas cards, had a job interview, visited family, put up the last of the decorations, bought a turkey and all the veg, attended the panto (very good), made ginger biscuits, visited Santa's reindeer's at the local nature reserve, oh and tidied the house (again).
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we will be decorating our 'ginger tent creations!' .
Then off to the carol service.
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas.

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