Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Pig of a project!!

So some projects take time. Planning, making, more planning, waiting for sunny days and compliant pigs.
So after the initial idea from my Daughter I began knitting. No pattern needed, can you guess what it's going to be?

Then we move onto a sunny day, the camera on a tripod, a large cardboard box, one willing assistant, lots of laughing and of course two handsome Guinea Pigs. Mr Bugsey and Mr Sparkle.
We took loads of photos of the Boys balancing wearing there Christmas hats, until Mr Sparkle got wise and wouldn't wear it.
So, with the boys I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Here's hoping it won't be grass for my Christmas lunch!!!
 (refering to my last post, be assured no hot glue was required)


  1. Hi Sara! I hope I'm not leaving this twice. I must have messed something up yesterday. Anyway, I wanted to say that that is the cutest idea ever and that my 5 year old has been begging for a guinea pig for months. Are they really not too much trouble? because I pretty much know who will end up caring for them. :) They're really cute, though. I bet your daughter loved that you made them hats. She will remember that forever.

    Anyway, better stop looking before I start researching guinea pig care. again, adorable idea. Love it.

    1. We inherited our two boys from a friend who was moving abroad. They had been well handled, so are pretty tame. We have a feeding rota and my two take turns in 'helping' me clean them out. Maybe when your boys are a little older you too could be knitting small hats!!! Sarah