Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Seeing spots!!

Last week I called at Abakhan Fabrics. Its great for a look even when you have no projects planned. I spotted (pardon the pun) some lovely red spotted fabric, which once in my hand I couldn't put down. I had no plans for it but never mind!
Once home I quickly washed the fabric (a good idea with strong colours). Quite a lot of dye came out so I knew this would influence my use (you don't want the dye running the first time you wash your finished article as it might ruin it.)
So what to make??

What I like to call a 'happy shopper'. A bag big enough for my keys, purse, phone, maybe a snack, etc.

So the finished bag. I think I have a spot problem, looking at a photo of a spotty ironing board with the spotty bag, holding a spotty phone (I'm frightened to admit I'm wearing a spotted jumper!!)

Just the clearing up to do, scoop it into the bin? no there seems to be a couple of Lego men in there. I wonder who left them there????

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  1. I love a good trip to Abakhan! I don't think I ever know what I'm going to do with the piles of fabric I always leave with, I just trust that they will inspire me =) Lovely bag that you made!