Sunday, 21 October 2012

This and That!!!

I'll apologise now for the random photos below. The last few weeks have been hectic with pretty mundane things. But we have managed the following:
We cycled another section of the Preston Guild Wheel
I cleared out the greenhouse, the last of our poor tomato crop is ripening with a banana!!
My daughter requested a 'home made' gift for her friends birthday. She selected the fabric and did the design and I just followed orders. The gift has now been given so fingers crossed its OK.

We have started some Halloween crafts (a sheet of ikea packaging and some blackboard paint).  I added some coloured tissue paper to the little windows and it is now in the window waiting for halloween.

The remainder of the ikea box has been used for an 'artists studio'.

I love the weather at the moment, please let it last for the half term holidays!!

1 comment:

  1. I like the silhouette!
    The homemade K pillow is nice too... lucky friend.
    Enjoy your term holidays.