Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Holidays - days out.

We've had some glorious weather over the Easter Holidays.

Its a perfect time to get out and about with a very bouncy puppy!!
(And my very bouncy nieces)

We had a Family walk on the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

Penny likes to get really close to the waters edge.
(Whilst trying to dislodge her harness, which is to stop her pulling on the lead)

And no matter how pretty she looked at the children, no one gave her a lick of there ice creams!!

On another glorious day we visited Lytham

Walking along the sea front we met lots of friendly dogs, which is good for Penny.

Photo taking is very difficult with a dog lead around your wrist.

Down to the end of the jetty, keeping Penny on a short lead.
No jumping off the jetty into the mud today, Thank you!!! 

 In years gone by a successful day was measured by how tired the children where.
Now its how tired the dog is!! She was exhausted, success.

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