Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A Snapshot of May

I've dusted off the laptop this morning to recap on some work I did way back in January.

Its not much fun trawling through drawings and hastily scribbled notes, trying to work out whats still to do.

Sooo I had a bit of a look on the internet . . . . . avoiding any work as I go.

Then I got the camera out to see whats new!

No grand days out, just a snapshot of our little garden in May

Maybe I'll read the scribble later . . . . . 

(just looking at my photos and I notice there all pink and yellow)


  1. May is such a great month for all the regrowth and beautiful blooms, a great start to many more to come.

  2. Flowers look lovely, been for a evening drive with my son who's learning to drive, couldn't get over how green everything has turned in the last week, things are moving so fast..
    Amanda xx