Sunday, 17 April 2016

Testing out the van . . . . sorry I meant Classic Campervan

On Saturday we visited my sister.

Not at her house, ooh no.

She has abandoned the tent world and bought herself a campervan.

Its been a long process, with many weekends spent renovating it.

But this weekend they took it for its first overnight stay away from home.

The weather was perfect, although probably too cold for me!!

The locals seemed friendly.

The views out over Morecambe Bay are beautiful, you can see the mountains of the lakes in the distance.

For more photos of her campervan journey hop over to  Instagram

(P.S. This is the campsite we tested out our new tent a couple of years ago)


  1. We have been toying with the idea of a campervan but are fair weather people so I don't think it would get much use.

  2. Wow, very exciting. I like the Idea and would have done this years ago, but know I need a bed, for walls, kettle and a toilet.
    Looking forward to seeing were you go over the summer months.
    Amanda xx