Sunday, 17 January 2016

Snow. . . .

Yes, we got a bit of the white stuff.

Enough to make everywhere look beautiful.

Enough to make me pull out the sledges and go to Grandma & Grandads

Enough snow that Miss tried to stuff Sons mouth and face full of it!!!

Enough snow that you can no longer feel your toes and you wish you had a thick woolly coat like the ladies below.

But definitely not too much snow for a go on the swing.

Hope everyone with snow is enjoying themselves, stay warm!!


  1. Looks wonderful. Whilst the temperatures have dropped here on the East Coast there is still now snow.

    1. Snow does LOOK great but I only enjoy it at weekends. As soon as Monday arrives, with work and school, I will wish the snow gone!! Maybe you will get some snow this week!! Sarah

  2. Nice to see the children out in the snow, sadly I was at work all day Sunday,and its all gone to day.just grey and a little miserable.
    Amanda xx