Thursday, 14 January 2016

Looking Out. . . . .

Today I had a walk around Beacon Fell Country Park.

Often peeping through the trees, looking out, trying to see the view.

A dusting of snow on the hills in the distance.

Even with the sun on my face, the wind was biting.

In and out of my pocket with the camera.

The view is beautiful but the road was sheet ice!!!

My walking companion did an impromptu audition for dancing on ice!!! 

But luckily we made it back to the cafe for a lovely cup of hot chocolate.

This has been a photo filled post (sorry). I'm really struggling to blog at the moment. I really hope my few followers stick with me. I really need a new project/make/craft/......


  1. I can sympathise - my blogging mojo completely deserted me at the end of last year but I feel better for the break. Lovely photos. Beacon Fell is on my list as it's not far from me. x

  2. Beautiful photos, love the sound of the hot chocolate, hope there was cake too.

  3. Lovely to see the snow on the hills, great set of photos.
    We all seem to be struggling to post at the moment,so don't worry about it... put it down to the weather.
    Amanda xx