Monday, 30 November 2015

No Show!!!

Last week I had plans, plans to go to the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show.

Then we started with ill health (one of the party got a chest infection)

Then my Daughter decided 'Yes I'll go to the show if I can take a friend'

Then the weather forecast seemed to be against us with a weekend full of weather warnings 

So for the first time in years, we didn't go to the show.

My day was taken up with washing, ironing and pine cone painting (I had a helper with the painting)

If you want to look at our previous trips to Harrogate they are here, here & here

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Seeing Stars

I completed the stars I needed for my project, just ten altogether. Which considering the time of year and the quality of light, I think that's pretty good.

They all needed a trim and square up. 

Then I just needed a squillion more plain squares!!

Carefully following my 'sketch' I started to sew it all back together,

Ironing as I go . . . 

For the back a found some grey fleece. It wasn't quite long enough, so I made a join and covered it with a stripe of grey.

Then just pin and tack.

The next stage is going to be hand quilting. I always quilt on the machine, but due to chilly nights I thought it might be nice to be under a small 'quilt' whilst watching TV.

So, yes its a funny shape for a quilt !! But its just a foot quilt, just to go over the bottom of the bed, just big enough to cover my feet. (hopefully I'll finish it before winter is over)

Monday, 9 November 2015

Squeezing in some sewing

Way back in September, I visited the Great Northern Quilt Show
I came home with 'plans', yes I was going to sew, I had a project!!!

I did make a small start, but then work got in the way, so my sewing moved down my list of priorities.

I joined Instagram and filled all my spare time with . . . . . . well just looking at pictures.

Luckily my sewing project was on a tray on the floor in the front room. Yes I've moved it for essential vacuuming (granted not often!!)

We enjoyed the fine weather on Friday for a toasty bonfire and fireworks

Then the weather was in my favour and we where house bound on Sunday . . . . so Yes I did some sewing.

Back to work today and back on Instagram. . . . . . I really should get back to the sewing.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hello 'Beachside', we've missed you!

The first day of November, the sun has gone and the mist has descended (well it has here!!)

Other than rain, nothing puts us off a trip to the beach.

The children both love the sand dunes and my son sees it as a great achievement if his boots are filled with sand.

The incentive to walk is often a beach combing competition, the best beach find and you get something . . . .  .often just knowing your the winner is enough!!

Today's winner, my daughter, found the dog fish body!! This was deemed the best find!

Although I came a close second with three mermaid purses on one piece of sea weed. 
My Son said he was joint second because he held it up for the camera.

It always amazes me that although our nearest beach isn't deemed spectacular, the mood is so different every time you visit. Today there was no wind and the sea was 'mill pond' calm, yet other days the wind whistle and the the waves crash up onto the beach.

 Although we had a lovely walk,  part of me always enjoys the dramatic sea with enough wind to blow all your cares away.

 p.s. One of the children (I cant remember which one) called the beach or seaside, beachside when they where small and it just stuck. So as a family, weirdly, we all call it beachside!!