Sunday, 22 November 2015

Seeing Stars

I completed the stars I needed for my project, just ten altogether. Which considering the time of year and the quality of light, I think that's pretty good.

They all needed a trim and square up. 

Then I just needed a squillion more plain squares!!

Carefully following my 'sketch' I started to sew it all back together,

Ironing as I go . . . 

For the back a found some grey fleece. It wasn't quite long enough, so I made a join and covered it with a stripe of grey.

Then just pin and tack.

The next stage is going to be hand quilting. I always quilt on the machine, but due to chilly nights I thought it might be nice to be under a small 'quilt' whilst watching TV.

So, yes its a funny shape for a quilt !! But its just a foot quilt, just to go over the bottom of the bed, just big enough to cover my feet. (hopefully I'll finish it before winter is over)

1 comment:

  1. I love the stars. Such a great idea to make a bed runner, perfect for these cold nights.