Monday, 9 November 2015

Squeezing in some sewing

Way back in September, I visited the Great Northern Quilt Show
I came home with 'plans', yes I was going to sew, I had a project!!!

I did make a small start, but then work got in the way, so my sewing moved down my list of priorities.

I joined Instagram and filled all my spare time with . . . . . . well just looking at pictures.

Luckily my sewing project was on a tray on the floor in the front room. Yes I've moved it for essential vacuuming (granted not often!!)

We enjoyed the fine weather on Friday for a toasty bonfire and fireworks

Then the weather was in my favour and we where house bound on Sunday . . . . so Yes I did some sewing.

Back to work today and back on Instagram. . . . . . I really should get back to the sewing.

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