Saturday, 27 September 2014

Can you ride a bike??

I have been waiting for this day for many years. 
Today we took the children and there bikes to Blackpool and they cycled along the prom
(we speed walked behind)

It doesn't sound very exciting, but for years just the mention of riding a bike had my son in tears.
He just couldn't do it. 

But over the last few weeks he has had another go and last week he cracked it!!!!! 

So this weekend we headed for Blackpool and he cycled along the prom, hallelujah! 

We didn't get all the way to the tower as the prom started to get busy.

We listened to the High Tide Organ

And when we finally got back to the car, the children still had enough energy to race to the top of the sand dunes (and bring loads of sand back with them)

Well done to my bike riding champion, we knew you could do it.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Why, why, why. . . . .

 Why is knitting in my head so quick?

Why do I have a list of knitting projects as long as my arm?

Why has it taken weeks to finish a simple snood?

Why does my daughter look better in things I make for myself, than I do?

Why did I buy the wool for a huge knitted 'garment'?

Why oh why have I cast on. . . . . . 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mrs Fox

So having lost my sewing MoJo for quite some time, I thought I'd have a look over at Pinterest for some inspiration. Several wasted hours later and all I could think about was patchwork foxes!!!

A quick selection of fabric.

Then random cutting, sewing, unpicking, bad language, sewing, unpicking, ironing, etc

Then I had to go to work. How inconvenient. . . . 

Anyway when I got back and with a bit more sewing, we had Mrs Fox.

Back to Pinterest and a bit more searching and I found the owner of Mrs Fox. So if you fancy a fox you can purchase the pattern and avoid the bad language and probably the unpicking over at Oh Fransson

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blog - able ?

Whats Blog - able ?
Well not a lot at the moment.
This week I've had a sick child at home.
I've had my electricity meter changed for a new one.
I've cleaned out my kitchen cupboards.
I've painted the garden gate.
I've continued to knit.
I've cleaned the bathroom.

And lots of other non Blog able things.

I have spent some time in the garden looking for butterflies !
I wish they would stay still.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

School Yard . . .

School yard attitude . . . . 
For five years, many years ago, the school yard played a big part in 'being happy' at school. For Me it was very stressful, would I be on my own, would I be left out, did I even fit in, etc. Even now thinking about school fills be with dread. I didn't hate school, but I certainly didn't enjoy it.

For the following however many years fitting in didn't matter. I mixed with like minded people at college and work, fitting in just wasn't a problem.

Then I had my Daughter and it was all change again. Fitting in was important, you want your child to fit in, be popular, have friends, etc.

Back to today. 
Standing in the school yard waiting for my Son to come out of class I have that same feeling about fitting in. Sometimes I look around and see all the same things. The groups, the gossipers, the loners, the cool ones, the ones that don't care about fitting in. Where do I stand. . .  I hate that feeling. 

As much as children at secondary school can be cruel, so can adults. Some revel in the back stabbing of the school yard. 
Please release me from the school yard. . . 

Let me stand on my own, no I'm not being funny or awkward, I just don't want to play at 'school yards' anymore. I'm a grown up and shouldn't feel dread at the thought of picking up my little boy.

Sorry about the rant.
 Is it just Me? 
Does the school yard fill lots of parents with a feeling of dread? 
Maybe it is just Me?