Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mrs Fox

So having lost my sewing MoJo for quite some time, I thought I'd have a look over at Pinterest for some inspiration. Several wasted hours later and all I could think about was patchwork foxes!!!

A quick selection of fabric.

Then random cutting, sewing, unpicking, bad language, sewing, unpicking, ironing, etc

Then I had to go to work. How inconvenient. . . . 

Anyway when I got back and with a bit more sewing, we had Mrs Fox.

Back to Pinterest and a bit more searching and I found the owner of Mrs Fox. So if you fancy a fox you can purchase the pattern and avoid the bad language and probably the unpicking over at Oh Fransson


  1. It was worth all the effort it looks amazing.

  2. Very cute, what are you going to make it into...
    Amanda xx