Thursday, 11 September 2014

School Yard . . .

School yard attitude . . . . 
For five years, many years ago, the school yard played a big part in 'being happy' at school. For Me it was very stressful, would I be on my own, would I be left out, did I even fit in, etc. Even now thinking about school fills be with dread. I didn't hate school, but I certainly didn't enjoy it.

For the following however many years fitting in didn't matter. I mixed with like minded people at college and work, fitting in just wasn't a problem.

Then I had my Daughter and it was all change again. Fitting in was important, you want your child to fit in, be popular, have friends, etc.

Back to today. 
Standing in the school yard waiting for my Son to come out of class I have that same feeling about fitting in. Sometimes I look around and see all the same things. The groups, the gossipers, the loners, the cool ones, the ones that don't care about fitting in. Where do I stand. . .  I hate that feeling. 

As much as children at secondary school can be cruel, so can adults. Some revel in the back stabbing of the school yard. 
Please release me from the school yard. . . 

Let me stand on my own, no I'm not being funny or awkward, I just don't want to play at 'school yards' anymore. I'm a grown up and shouldn't feel dread at the thought of picking up my little boy.

Sorry about the rant.
 Is it just Me? 
Does the school yard fill lots of parents with a feeling of dread? 
Maybe it is just Me?


  1. It isn't just you, I used to hate it too. I am blessed that my family have grown up and have children of their own so I don't have that worry anymore.

    1. It good to know it's not just me!!! I only have a couple of years to go before my little boy can walk home himself. I can't wait !! Sarah

  2. I hated standing on the school yard. We live in a very scouse middle class area so tall thin blond over dressed Liverpool Housewives were very much in evidence. Some of them would flinch at my tubby not quite togetherness while others just accepted me as me. I don't do playground politics so I know how peculiar it can feel.

    1. We have a lot of 'clicky little groups' all discussing who said what and who's with who etc. it's just not my thing!! All I want to do is chat about the weather, pick up my little boy and get home. Sarah

  3. I was never part of the "in crowd" ( didn't realy want to be ) in the school yard, but I made a point of going to talk to someone else stood on there own, made some great friends that way. Take the plunge and talk to some one who is probably as nervous as you.
    Amanda xx

    1. It's not that I'm nervous, I've stood in that yard for years. I think I've just had enough of the false-ness of it all. Maybe I'm just ready for half term. . . Ooh no we've only done one week. Sarah