Friday, 31 January 2014

On my lovely table. . . .

I haven't done a 'lovely table' post for a while but its back, now at the end of the week!!

So on my lovely table this week has been quite a bit of sewing.

Also this week around my table was a lovely catch up with a friend. Having been away for nearly two years she was back in the UK on a flying visit. It was great to catch up, almost like she'd never been away.

And look, hardly any clutter !!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bag, bag, pencil case. . .

So bag number one.
This is just a small gift for a friend from school. A little bag for a baby boy. I really love this fabric, red, blue and limey green - whats not to love.

The letter was done before school.

Then the bag was finished in the time I have after work when I am suppose to be making the family evening meal !!

Bag number two.

This is my new 'happy shopper' bag. 

Lined with cream, including a little pocket for my phone.

Then the pencil case.

In an effort to overcome my 'sewing zip' phobia I decided to make a pencil case.

Using the tutorial over at Noodlehead I have finally accomplished a zip!!!

The sewing machine is back in its box and the tidying / cleaning jobs are calling me.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Do boys wash?

Do boys wash? I'm sure they do!!!

So my baby boy (yes he's seven but still my baby boy) is going on an overnight trip with school.  We got a kit list this week and on that list was 'wash bag'. Not wanting to send him with a pink wash bag, I thought I 'd have a go at making one.

I chose some crocodile fabric for the bag. Then after a sewing test on some thin clear plastic fabric, I decided to line the bag with the plastic.

Using a plastic lid for my template, I cutout two fabric bases and one plastic base.
I cut out two rectangles for the sides, so that the pattern was the correct way up inside and outside.

I also cut out one rectangular piece of plastic fabric for the inside and edged it in fabric.

With the plastic sandwiched in position, I sewed the bag together.

Then just added a draw string around the top.

Great for the school trip and for camping in the summer.

Will he wash his face and brush his teeth?  Well we'll see. . . . . .

Friday, 24 January 2014

Still not sure about the colour, but it's finished!!!

Back to the quilt. . . . . . 

I cut up the remainder of the jelly roll to make up a stripe for the back of the quilt.
(this was really just to use up the fabric because i knew I wouldn't use the bits left over)

The quilt front was pinned to the fleece, then I marked up the front for quilting.

The air erasable pen is great and does just disappear.

The binding fabric was washed ready for cutting.

Over five metres of  binding, ironed ready to go.

I should have known it was all going too well. . . . . 

Look at the beautifully neat corner!  Can you spot the mistake?

A lot of un-picking followed, as I hadn't left enough fabric to 'turn the corner'. I'm not stupid but when it comes to the corners. . . . well I don't know. . . . something just doesn't work up in the brain department.

So there it is - the front.

The back.

Neatly folded.

I did spot a couple of threads that need  tying off whilst I took the photos

I'm still not sure about the colour. . . . 

But I did finish it !!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Bleak or beautiful?

Sunday afternoon we headed out for a walk. Wellies?  ooh yes.

The view from the car park was beautiful even though the weather was overcast.

Once at the top of the hill, a hint of mist started to creep in along the tree line.

We seemed to be chasing the sun for most of the walk, always shining in the distance.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

I'm not sure about the colour. . .

A long time ago (ooh it sounds like a story) I bought a jelly roll. It sat with many other projects, just waiting for a bit of sewing time.
Then I spotted a quit over at Canadian Abroad and I started planning . . . . 

First I did a little drawing. . . . 

Then I unrolled my jelly roll. . . . 

The cutting started. . . . 

I needed 48 blocks with 6 fabric strips per block.

The fabric strips are random combinations (very difficult for me, I do like pattern, symmetry & order).

Sew them together, ironing as you go.

Each block was then trimmed to 8 inches square.

All the blocks are laid out, trying to avoid similar colours touching.

Then just sew it all together (ironing as you go) Obviously you mustn't turn them round between the lounge floor and the ironing board or on your way to the sewing machine!!!

I'm pleased to say its all sewn together. Tomorrow I hope to sew on the backing fleece and try to remove all the bits of thread that the hoover wont get off the rug (that could be a fun job for the children!!).

P.S. As the title says 'I'm not sure about the colour' and I'm not. Orange and brown are not normally colours I use or like really. Anyway we'll see what it looks like when I've finished. I can always keep it in a cupboard. . . 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Blue sky. . . .

We've had a few trips out and about over the last week or so.

Although the news said stay away from the coast, we couldn't resist. We headed over to Glasson Dock to see the sea!

The above photo shows the view over towards Sunderland Point.

The sea was quite calm although very high.

In the marina the water was pretty choppy and the house boat above didn't make it !!

Back to the sea again yesterday but this time to Lytham St Annes.

The children love the sand dunes. The photo above shows a rescue mission, my little boy fell into a hole, all you could see was his wellies above the grass. I was laughing so much I was no help!!

The beach was covered in razor clam shells.

The weather was chilly but the beautiful blue sky always lifts your spirits.