Saturday, 11 January 2014

Two Chicks!!

Over Christmas I discovered 'Two Chicks', 15 egg whites in a little carton. No separating eggs and trying to use up the yokes, just get them out the fridge and shake!!

On friday my 'Two Chicks' was going to run out of date so I thought I'd make a few meringues.

I made about 100 mouth sized meringues, depending on how big your mouth is!!

Then I made a apricot pavlova (which we had last night and for breakfast this morning!!) 

I think its time for a cup of tea and maybe a meringue. . . . . 


  1. Oh my goodness, these look so yummy!


    1. The pavlova is all gone, but the mini meringues are great as a snack! Sarah

  2. Yum... Meringue with Strawberries and cream....

  3. I love meringue and can quite agree that it makes an excellent breakfast food.

  4. I've never seen "two chicks" before but it sounds a great product! We love meringues and I'm pleased it's not just us that eat it for breakfast too! X