Friday, 24 January 2014

Still not sure about the colour, but it's finished!!!

Back to the quilt. . . . . . 

I cut up the remainder of the jelly roll to make up a stripe for the back of the quilt.
(this was really just to use up the fabric because i knew I wouldn't use the bits left over)

The quilt front was pinned to the fleece, then I marked up the front for quilting.

The air erasable pen is great and does just disappear.

The binding fabric was washed ready for cutting.

Over five metres of  binding, ironed ready to go.

I should have known it was all going too well. . . . . 

Look at the beautifully neat corner!  Can you spot the mistake?

A lot of un-picking followed, as I hadn't left enough fabric to 'turn the corner'. I'm not stupid but when it comes to the corners. . . . well I don't know. . . . something just doesn't work up in the brain department.

So there it is - the front.

The back.

Neatly folded.

I did spot a couple of threads that need  tying off whilst I took the photos

I'm still not sure about the colour. . . . 

But I did finish it !!


  1. Well done for finishing it, so hard to do when you're not convinced about something,

    I'm a massive fan of orange and brown, especially together, so I really like the colour combinations. I'm also a wonky, scrappy quilt lover rather than an ordered, "perfect" one so it gets the thumbs up from me, not that that means anything!

    1. I think it's good sometimes to try new colours but now I need a aqua project!! Maybe with spots on, back in my comfort zone. Sarah

  2. I love it! It looks great and very snugly and neat!

    1. I do like to sit with a blanket while watching tv, but I wouldn't be able to eat or drink for fear of spilling!! Sarah

  3. Well I think your quilt looks great, I would be very happy if I could have made this...

    1. I think I now need a small project, I always forget how hard the quilting bit is, fitting the whole thing through the machine. Sarah