Thursday, 28 February 2013

I think I'm ready. . . .

 So today I've priced up and labelled. 

I've printed, cutout and stuck, to produce information cards.

I've packed boxes.

Now I think I'm ready for my sewing sale. 

(I've also cleaned the windows, partly because we've been struggling to see out!!!)

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I've finished!!

On the return trip from Hornby Castle we called at a fabric shop in Lancaster. I bought a small selection of fabric for a project I was storing in my head.

First I drew up the plan, do you want a look?

After spending lots of time on my drawing (ahem!) I then started the cutting.

Sewing it all back together and ironing all the seams.

A little bit of evening hand sewing. (The photo shows just how bad the light is, its like sewing in a cave!!)

And finally the big reveal, well not so big. Its a little pram/car seat quilt, obviously for a little girl.

Then over to my assistant....

Sorry for the photo quality, the colour's look lovely in real life.

This mini quilt along with loads of other stuff will be going on sale in a local library for the month of March. 
(If I get a move on and get it ready!!!)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

On my lovely table. . .

 So this week, being half term, my table has seen quite a bit of action..

Who says Hama Beads are for girls !!!

I've done some dreaming . . .

And on friday I started a small sewing project (more to follow)

P.S We've also used it at meal times, obviously there isn't much room to eat at the table but we do try!!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

HMS Illustrious

Sunday was an 'early start' day. We had a big day out planned with my Sister and her family. Off we went to the train station.

After a short train trip into Liverpool we headed for the docks. HMS Illustrious was visiting the city and the public where being welcomed aboard (After queuing for over an hour on the dock side!!)

I took loads of photos, but nothing really shows just how impressive it was in real life. The thought of heading out to sea really didn't appeal to me and my little boy said 'you could easily get washed off the deck!!'

Back to normal on Monday with a normal 'school holiday' trip out. The beach !!

Glorious weather, good company - what more can you ask for !!
(oh yes, three tired children)

Monday, 18 February 2013

On my lovely table . . .

So this week my table has seen a selection of activities.

A little bit of 'work' from the smallest in our house (yes that's my work laptop, strictly work only )

A bit of Valentine baking. Heart shaped ginger biscuits.

A bit of Valentine eating (a Valentine gift from there Aunty J)

And finally on Friday I managed some sewing. I made 9 little gift bags for a up coming sale.

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Some roads as a child are well travelled.  You remember family days out, travelling a particular route. As a young child and as a adult I have passed through the village of Hornby many times. In Hornby there is a castle, you can see it from the road but it is normally closed to the public.

Today it was open for the snowdrop weekend!

The castle is beautiful and they did a small talk about its history (my children haven't got the attention span for history talks on there day out, so we missed it!!)

The weather was lovely for a walk in the woods and along the riverside. 
 In the lower photo you can see my little boy running through the woods, look how interested he is in the snowdrops!!! He said he was Harry Potter, he even found himself a wand.

We also managed to call at Fabrix in Lancaster on the way home.
I made a few small purchases, but I will show you another day. Time for a cup of tea!!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

On my lovely table....

A little baking, then 

 Laying out my fabric, then moving it, then looking, then moving it, then looking, then moving it......

Sew it all together, ironing as I go...
(this is not my favourite bit, when looking at one seam, you accidentally iron another the wrong way!!!!)

 The next step, how to quilt? Coloured thread on each square or white thread on the white fabric...

So whilst I think about that I'll have a little slice of Birthday cake.

p.s. any quilting suggestions are most welcome

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Sometimes I just want cake...

Sometimes I just want to sew....

Sometimes I want both !!!!!

Actually I would like some real cake now.....

Friday, 1 February 2013

Move the ironing to one side!

So the new big table - big success!!!

Just move the big pile of ironing to one side, then bring out the sewing machine!!

I bought this yellow fabric years ago for a duck costume. Its not very easy to sew and sheds fluff everywhere. (hopefully it will blow off my jeans on the way to school)

Just need to persuade my little boy that boiled eggs are not poisonous!! Otherwise I suppose you could put them on a chocolate egg.