Saturday, 16 February 2013


Some roads as a child are well travelled.  You remember family days out, travelling a particular route. As a young child and as a adult I have passed through the village of Hornby many times. In Hornby there is a castle, you can see it from the road but it is normally closed to the public.

Today it was open for the snowdrop weekend!

The castle is beautiful and they did a small talk about its history (my children haven't got the attention span for history talks on there day out, so we missed it!!)

The weather was lovely for a walk in the woods and along the riverside. 
 In the lower photo you can see my little boy running through the woods, look how interested he is in the snowdrops!!! He said he was Harry Potter, he even found himself a wand.

We also managed to call at Fabrix in Lancaster on the way home.
I made a few small purchases, but I will show you another day. Time for a cup of tea!!

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