Sunday, 27 October 2013

Autumn table!!

This week, on a visit to my Mums I had a sudden urge to collect leaves!!

Back home I located my 'home made' microwave flower press.

Its basically two pieces of hardboard, clamped together with elastic bands!

The first batch was a bit of a test, the timing can be a bit tricky.

I'm not very patience and can't wait weeks. 
This takes approximately 2 minutes in the microwave (much more my style)

Several batches later . . . . .

So I removed the table cloth from under the plastic cover, then put the leaves under.

By this point it was pretty dark, so the photo isn't great but when all the clutter is moved it looks lovely and autumnal.


  1. You smart cookie! I never, ever got flower or leaf pressing in book to work as a child. Of course microwaves weren't around in my childhood but it still never occurred to me to think of this. Your table is great.

  2. As a child I remember pressing flowers in the biggest book you could find, only for someone to open the book and disturb the flowers!!!! Sarah