Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Forecast for today - Sunny

So today's weather forecast for the Ribble Valley said 'Sunny'

I planned a 5 mile walk with Penny.

Organised someone to pick us up 'in case of emergency'

Picked my route to give spectacular views . . . . .

But all we got was mist/fog, mile after mile.

We didn't see another person for the whole route.

Penny kept looking over her shoulder, spooking me out, thinking there was someone (or something spooky) following us.

Maybe we'll try again another day . . . 

Just a quick look back to the other week, when I did some of the same route.

That view is worth the 2.5 mile uphill walk
 (or a quick drive up in the car)


  1. Such a shame about the fog/mist. Such a stunning view, beautiful.

  2. Beautiful views Sarah. I think the forecast may have been wrong. ;-) It all looks very atmospheric. X