Friday, 8 September 2017

Summer Holiday - Snap of the Day (Catch up)

What happened to the last week of the holidays?

It started well, we had some lovely weather and did some Family walking combined with an ice cream.

Bank Holiday Monday and my Son was due at Summer School
 (Getting him ready for the move to Big School).
He wasn't feeling great when I dropped him off and when we collected him it was obvious something was not quite right.

 So we spent the evening in the local Urgent Care Centre, followed by Children's A&E, then X-ray, etc. 
We got home just after 1:00 with an appointment for later in the week!!

The best part of Tuesday was the news that my Sister-in-law had given birth to two beautiful baby girls. 

So it was back to the Hospital to visit the babies, who are sooo beautiful.
Then back the day after for the all clear for my Son, who by then was feeling much better.

On Saturday, I left the children at home with there Dad and made a dash for it!!!
After six weeks of children's chatter I needed a break and it just happened to be Harrogate Quilt Show.
(Don't ask what I'm planning to do with my new fabric, I'll probably just add it to my collection)

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  1. Congratulations on your new nieces. It must have been a great relief to have the all clear on your sons health. Love the fabric, always nice to have a collection.