Monday, 30 January 2017

Busy accomplishing very little!

January is nearly over and its been a long month.
I've been very busy but I haven't completed my task!!

I've spent a lot of time emailing, researching, telephoning and waiting for replies.

I have managed to do more walking but as soon as I get home I'm checking the phone hoping I haven't missed an important call!!

For several months now I have been attempting to buy a Puppy. 
Then just over a week ago I found just what we wanted and we organised to go and visit on Saturday.

So last week we bought a bed, lead & feeding bowls. 
We ordered a dog crate.
I tidied the garden, made it puppy safe (inescapable)
I even made some beds for in the dog crate!!

The excitement was growing.

Saturday came and we travelled to see the puppy.
On opening the door I was told the little girl puppy we had 'reserved' was no longer available!
Come in have a look at them and do you want a boy instead?

So as we go into February, we are still a dog-less family!!
I do however still have the cardboard dog my Daughter gave me for Christmas!!


  1. What a shame, hope you manage to fulfil your dream and find exactly what you are looking for.

  2. This is so sad you missed out on getting your puppy, hopefully it won't be long x
    Amanda x