Sunday, 11 December 2016

DIY Decorations

It all started with a stick, found in the garden, washed and drying on the radiator.

It's another Christmas decorating idea 'on the cheap'

Whilst my stick dried I had a look at some of my other DIY decorations.

My star garland, made with white card and a lot of cutting out.
I thread the stars, with a needle, onto sewing cotton. Then after Christmas remove the cotton and store the stars in an envelope ready for next year!!

Next my twig. Found a few years ago and attached with garden wire to the mirror.
All year round we have things hung on the twig but at Christmas its got to be Baubles, bright cherry red.

Another easy decorating idea is paper snow flakes. We all make a few and slip them under the plastic cover on our dining table.  

Painted pine cones. I think these are from last year.
(Maybe I have time to add some PVA glue and glitter)

Candle jars that we use all year, once again paper stars held in place with copper wire.

Back to the drying twig. Add a little sewing cotton, some red snowflakes, a little stick tape and garden wire for hanging . . . . . 

I think its maybe a little too 'understated'

But light a few candles and the shadows flicker with the heat from the flames.

Tomorrow is a shopping day but on Tuesday I think I might try making a door wreath. 
(I've already spotted a tree in the garden that requires a prune)

OOh I just remembered Dominic, he started out 'just for Christmas' but he stays up all year!!!

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  1. Such a beautiful post, your homemade décor is a delight.