Monday, 28 November 2016

Sand, paint, repeat. . . . .

It feels like forever since I posted on my Blog.

Over the last few weeks I've been mainly sanding and painting.

The hallway was first, it was very stressful, gloss paint takes ages to dry and could ruin a school uniform in seconds!!!!

Whilst sanding, previous layers of paint began to show through, orange and green!!!!
Wow I can hardly imagine our small hallway with orange or green woodwork.

The sitting room was next, all the furniture moved and the woodwork painted.
For the last few weeks I done a lot of shouting 'wet paint'.

Then the carpet was removed, hallelujah, bye bye pink carpet!!

Having had weeks of no paid work I've thrown myself into the DIY, so on Wednesday I was pleased and panicked to finally receive a small amount of work. Pleased for obvious reasons but a bit panicked as I've got loads more painting to do . . . . . 

So we had a day with no carpet, keeping our fingers crossed the carpet fitters didn't cancel.

Then on Thursday, after moving the last of the furniture into the kitchen (what a squeeze) they arrived. 

So we know have beautiful new carpet in the sitting room and on the stairs and landing. After years of old carpet it feels lovely. The next room to receive new carpet will be my daughters room which needs a full repaint!!! (She wants a different colour)

Our little Bugsy has been slowing down for a few weeks, he seemed happy enough just not as quick to run down stairs for his breakfast. Sadly this week he passed away.

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  1. Awww, sorry to hear about Bugsy, he looks a real cutie.