Sunday, 13 January 2013

Elf Work!

 A long time ago (last October) I started a woodwork project. Due to space most of my woodwork is done outside on a sunny day. This particular project was for Christmas, so it was done in secret!! Look away now children.

The woodwork was done, then the painting started. Luckily I had paint left over after decorating the children's bedrooms. 

So the finished product. A wall mounted shelf for Lego figures and one for Sylvanian family figures.

Mummy the Christmas Elf !!


  1. Wow! So impressed. Those look so good. I bought a book about woodworking projects a month ago and I've read it over and over, but I've been scared to death to actually make anything yet! You inspire me. And we certainly need somewhere for all our Legos. :)


  2. I say, go for it!! Also a coat of paint (and a bit of filler) covers all sorts. Sarah

  3. Clever mummy! Shelves are perfect for little kids and their packrat/small toy hoarding tendencies! I hope to make my girl a dollshouse one day.